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Mission Statement: Tradesmen Staffing provides employment services to our customers with first time placements, while providing payroll services to our customers with unbeatable rates. We pride ourselves in leading the market with outstanding customer service, while working hard to find our employees the perfect job. Tradesmen Staffing strives to keep our employee’s safe, guiding our youth to become tomorrow’s skilled tradesmen, while expanding the growth of our economy for a better tomorrow.

Tradesmen Staffing is a full service staffing company which is building its reputation on shear performance setting itself apart from the competition.

Here’s how!

  • First Time Placement: Finding the right person the first time!
  • Experienced Staff: The major key to a successful first time placement record is hiring, training, and retaining a staff of experienced professionals who understand our business model and are committed to delivering that to our employees and clients!
  • Employees Ready To Work: We retain a large pool of employees who are screened, evaluated, and tested so job orders are quickly and accurately filled!
  • Staffing Software Program: A very sophisticated staffing software program keeps us on top of every detail of the staffing business!
  • In-House Payroll: In-house handling of payroll ensures that any payroll issues are quickly handled. There is never a waiting period for payroll checks. Our local bank provides our employees with easy banking functions to suit their needs.

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